Financial Programs

Working to help end financial poverty in each and every guest of the Healing Center. Our money coaches and money class "Strive 2 Thrive" facilitators, work together to support each of the hundreds of coaching and class participants.

Through goal setting, values evaluation, spending plan creation, and maintenance, we see many of our guests taking steps toward financial success and taking steps to leave an inheritance to their children’s children.

How can you make an impact?


A financial gift to the Healing Center can help fund the staff, resources, and tools needed to help individuals grow toward helping each guest end poverty in their family. You can become part of the mission of the Healing Center by making a tax-deductible financial gift.

Tax Deductible Gift


The teams of Money Coaches and Money Class: Strive 2 Thrive facilitators are made up completely of volunteers. These volunteers can serve both in-person and remotely to provide guidance, coaching, and facilitation to our programs. to If you are interested in being part of our team please click here to sign up for the next volunteer orientation.

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Do you have dreams and plans, but aren't sure how they're going to happen with the current state of your finances? Don’t lose hope! You can thrive, and we're here to help. Schedule a time to meet with a money coach who will help you address your personal money management questions and find a time to attend Strive 2 Thrive class and learn in a group setting how to set yourself and your family up for financial success. Money coaching appointments are available.