The Healing Center provides classes and coaching to support our guests as they grow and achieve their goals. More than fifteen different classes or coaching opportunities are available to participate in at the Healing Center each week we are open.

The programs are free of charge and meet at various days and times, both online and in person. Each week there are more than 100 separate appointments or classes attended resulting in better financial responsibility, an increase in earning potential, computer skills, and so much more.

How can you make an impact?


A financial gift to the Healing Center can help fund the staff, resources, and tools needed to help individuals grow toward helping each guest become financially self-sufficient. You can become part of the mission of the Healing Center by making a tax-deductible financial gift.

Tax Deductible Gift


The teams of coaches, teachers, and facilitators are made up completely of volunteers. To accomplish all this ministry has to offer we need support from you.

Are you interested in impacting people‚Äôs lives? Become a part of our team! Please fill out the volunteer interest form and our volunteer support staff will contact you with the next steps.

Volunteer interest Form


Impacting lives is the reason why we are committed to the work we do at the Healing Center. There are so many opportunities to grow and we need you to take part.

Meet with one of our coaches to help with your finances, to get a better job, or guidance on asking for a raise. One of our classes might be right for you if you need to finish high school or learn some computers. This is just a little of what we offer. You can schedule online or call 513-346-4080 ext 389 to schedule.

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